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Enhance your GeoMax Zoom90 Total Station capabilites while increasing your performance and flexibility.

Work simultaneously with Total Stations and GNSS by combining the advantages of both systems. GeoMax X-POLE significantly improves the performance and flexibility on the jobsite.  

The seamless integration of X-Pole into the field software allows a toggle between both measurement modes. 


2 modes, 1 button

When some points cannot be measured with Total Stations due to limited prism visibility, with a one button press, you can change from Total Station to GNSS mode. Once those points are measured, switch back to Total Station mode. This enhances the efficiency of the system as it eliminates the need for cumbersome and time consuming station setups.

Ease of use

X-POLE simplifies your daily work with the graphical view, guided workflow and full integration in X-PAD software.

Flexibile operations

Combine with all GeoMax GNSS Zenith16Zenith40 and Zenith60.

Follow the prism

Zoom95's Track360 functionality allows you to follow a moving prism. In case of prism loss, the X-Pole solution immediately finds the pole position by obtaining the coordinates from the GNSS receiver, mounted on top of the prism.