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X-PAD Ultimate GO & Zoom 10


X-PAD Ultimate GO is the solution for those who need a simple and flexible field software to be used in all surveying and tracking applications with GNSS receiver and total station. Combined with our manual total station, the Zoom10(*), you get a user friendly and cost-effective package which operates in the most challenging work environments for the best performance and value ratio.

(* please note this bundle is available in some countries)

Hexagon Quality Control

The GeoMax software and total station portfolio have been conceived to fulfill your needs when working in the most challenging environments. Just like all the other GeoMax products, the X-PAD Ultimate GO and the Zoom10 follow the quality control of Hexagon.

Staking out points, lines, drawing cannot be simpler

X-PAD Ultimate GO runs perfectly well on most Android smartphones. You can do survey and stake out, including the addition of points, lines, arcs within the graphical view on your phone.

COGO and Reference line

X-PAD Ultimate GO includes several COGO features that help you determine new points or execute various calculations. The software also provides the Reference Line procedure, which gives you access to more information related to the current position with respect to an element chosen as reference (line, arc, drawing element).

Share and transfer: field and office, always connected

You can open and import any file, even from the cloud. Thanks to X-PAD Ultimate GO, you can save your data on the most popular cloud platforms, like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. It is so easy to get the access to your data from the field or from your office.

More convenience and smooth workflow

The Zoom10 manual total station is a reliable solution at an affordable cost. To make your job easier, intuitive onboard software runs on two built-in displays. It ensures quick and accurate reflectorless measurement up to a range of 350m and angular accuracy of 2”.

Android Phone Requirements

Feature:  Recommended
Display Size 4.7” (854x480)
Quad-core 1.8Hz
3 GB
Android version 5 or higher
Architecture CPU armeabi; armeabi-v7a, x86, arm64-v8a
Bluetooth (3 channels) WiFi