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Zeta125 Series


Consistent precision and accuracy can be expected with our compact, robust and fully featured GeoMax pipe lasers. Their functional and versatile configurations, a full range of features and a rugged designs make the Zeta pipe lasers a reliable fit for all your needs. 

Maximum productivity

Be the most productive you can be with fast self-leveling, automatic target alignment, and cross axis compensation.

Maximum robustness

With IP68 certification for submerge proof and a full metal housing, the Zeta125 is built to last.

Maximum flexibility

GeoMax pipe lasers fit a wide range of accessories with long distance remote control and safe and versatile charging options. 

Maximum accuracy

Do your job error free, no matter the situation or your environmental conditions.

Maximum Visibility

The Zeta125 green pipe lasers deliver four times more beam brightness to achieve optimal visibility in nearly any working condition.

Maximum Safety

Thanks to the unique vertical alignment of the Zeta125S or Zeta125SG, you can determine the direction of the pipe from the safety of outside the trench.