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MEI- Laser-Tech Model 304 Survey and Auto Control Panel w/Mount & Sunshade


 The preset mode allows a benchmark elevation to be entered
 Use with ON/OFF or proportional valves. Independent up and down valve speed settings allow the
system to be fine-tuned to your machine
 The blade switch can take the Model 304 out of automatic mode, allowing the bucket to be manually
moved up or down
 The “AutoMast” feature is especially valuable for building ditch banks, roads or housing pads. At the
touch of a button the mast will move the sensor from the field grade elevation to an offset elevation.
 Has optional remote switch box capabilities
With our optional GradePlane Software, the Model 304 allows you to feed the data directly to your computer
to analyze and optimize the movement of soil. The result is a “cut and fill” map for the operators and
parameters to set up the laser transmitter ensuring a field that is leveled. You will also have a permanent
record in your computer for future reference.

The Laser-Tech Model 304 Machine Control System is a state of the art product that offers a digital display for accurate elevation control. Data can be displayed in feet, inches or meters. The built-in survey function calculates an average elevation and has a data port for survey data collection. No more errors from laborious copying of elevations from scribbled notes.