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The M.E.I. laser Tech Model 312 Automatic Machine Control System has both automatic and manual blade control functions for precise grading. The control panel combines high-tech control with old fashion simplicity.
    • Visual grade information for manual or automatic hydraulic control at the push of a button
    • Integrated three light display is perfect for one-man setup and elevation adjustment when using a manual mast
    • Power and protection circuitry eliminates shorted coils and wires
    • Military grade connections.
    The easy setup has independent adjustable value speed settings and the sensitivity can be selected to match your machine. Select the proportional or ON/OFF valve mode via the switch bank.
    The Model 312 has a versatile mounting bracket that makes installation simple. Just hook up the two cables and the box is ready to operate. Pair the Laser-Tech Model 312 with the Model 367SB to make a perfect system for all rough and fine grading applications especially small tractor applications.
    This cost efficient system is easy to install, setup and use.
    The Laser-Tech Model 367SB Sensor is an extremely durable laser receiver that is internally protected from vibration and shock. The Sensor is water resistant and dust proof with a polycarbonate enclosure and cover making it nearly indestructible and the ultra-bright LED’s can make the display visible during the daytime. It can be mounted on dozers, motor graders, motorized scrapers, skid steer loaders, backhoes and excavators
    This cost efficient system is easy to install, setup and use.
    • Laser-Tech Model 312 Display Panel w/Mount & Sunshade
    • Laser-Tech Model 367 Super Bright Stand Alone Sensor, No Battery w/ Case
    • Cable, Power
    • Cable, Hydraulic
    • Cable, Sensor, 25'
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty