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M.E.I. Laser-Tech Model 306 Automatic Slope System


The Laser-Tech Model 306 Slope Machine Control System is an electronic device which keeps the blade either level or at the slope at which you’ve set it either coming or going. Any slope to plus or minus 100% can be set from the control panel. The slope can then be easily reversed at the touch of a button when you change direction. This system is perfect for scrapers, dozers and pavers.


  • Adjustable slope settings of +/- 100%
  • Blade control offers a proportional output speed control for both standard and proportional valves
  • Blade correction speed increases as the error signal increases
  • The slope is displayed in 10ths of a percent
  • Compact size for easy mounting
  • Can be controlled by external device such as GPS
  • The override switch moves one side of the blade at full speed either up or down, disabling the “auto” function
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
Delivery Contents:
  • Laser-Tech Model 306 Slope Control Panel w/Mount & Sunshade 
A- LASER-TECH Model 306-I INDICATE slope system:
  • Slope Sensor with Bracket
  • Cable, Sensor to Power and Computer, 20 ft
B- LASER-TECH Model 306 Automatic Slope System:
  • Laser-Tech Model 306 Slope Control Panel w/Mount & Sunshade 
  • Slope Sensor with Bracket
  • Cable, Hydraulic
  • Cable, Control Box to Sensor, 35 ft
  • Cable, Power