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Laser-Tech Model 316 Dual Grade Laser Machine Control Panel


The Laser-Tech Model 316 Dual Machine Control System is an economical way to automate both sides of the blade. This is an automatic dual receiver system for small machines that uses two hydraulic cylinders for blade control for elevation and cross slope.

The dual remote-control panel offers both automatic and manual blade override control at the push of a button. You can independently adjust the up and down speed for each blade. The two independent sensor inputs drive the automated control of On/Off and proportional values for two independent hydraulic cylinders.

The Laser-Tech Model 367SB Sensors are extremely durable laser receiver and internally protected from vibration and shock. They are water resistant and dustproof with a polycarbonate enclosure and cover making it nearly indestructible and the ultra-bright LED’s can make the display visible during the daytime.

This system is ideal for all rough and fine grading applications.

The Complete system includes a model 316 control box, remote control, two model 367SB sensors and all required cables.