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M.E.I. LASER-TECH Model 305-361 Auto/Survey Machine control system


The Laser-Tech Model 305-361 Auto Survey Linear Machine Control System is unique because it’s completely electronic. The electric mast, which is the most vulnerable mechanical part of any machine control system, has been eliminated.

The Laser-Tech Model 305 is paired with our Laser-Tech Model 361 Receiver which is mounted to a simple column pipe. During the initial set-up, the laser reference signal is located and the sensor is centered then clamped into place. The operator can now re-adjust the blade elevation by electronically relocating the “center” band anywhere on the receiver from the Laser-Tech Model 305 Control Panel inside the cab. You can also set the “center” width, from fine to wide, based on the job type.


  • A complete Machine Control System with no moving parts
  • The Linear output allows electronic, rather than mechanical, center setting
  • The Linear output allows hydraulic control rates to be proportional to the actual error signal, rather than just high or low
  • The sensor is built with 15 separate Ultra-Bright LED channel displays
  • The elevation is displayed in feet, inches or meters
  • Includes Survey and Automatic Mast movement capabilities (Limited to the reception height of the receiver)
  • The control panel display has Ultra-Bright LED’s making them easily visible in the sunlight
  • Made in U.S.A.

This system is ideal for Dozer and Box Scraper Pad finishing applications.


  • Laser-Tech Model 305 Display Panel w/Mount & Sunshade
  • Laser-Tech Model 361 Linear Output Sensor
  • Junction Box
  • Cable, Hydraulic
  • Cable, Sensor
  • Cable, Power
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty